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Tailored, Customized Communications




We offer tailored, customized communications solutions for everything from HD voice to full unified communications, plus Ethernet, dedicated circuits and other connectivity solutions. We can also identify VoIP implementations that aren’t working well, pinpoint the issues and introduce you to a better system with our services.



We know that business owners are constantly balancing cost and quality of service. Vodex is the only provider committed to providing the perfect combination of the two, offering voice, data and managed services nationwide, using the same high-quality technology relied upon by Netflix and the NSA.


We are also dedicated to offering outstanding performance and consistency, with an unparalleled level of commitment to details, with an experienced and highly-trained team of technicians at the ready.

Custom installation and service is what sets us apart.

Whether it’s a small to medium-sized business (SMB) or a large distributed enterprise, Vodex is committed to crafting the right communications solution for your business, saving customers a substantial amount on voice and data, and providing the best end-user experience possible.





Vodex offers data connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Our carrier-grade solutions are economical and robust, and a perfect choice for locations for where local telco and cable options are limited. From fixed wireless to cable broadband to fiber, Vodex can help you decide what’s best for your business needs.



We offer solutions that allow HD IP voice phones to talk to each other and with the PTSN, by ensuring that the bandwidth, transcoding and interconnection required for a good VoIP experience are in place. We also act as your professional services team, helping with IT, identifying if existing VoIP installations are improperly configured, and offering tailored alternative solutions.


Managed Services

Customized for today’s companies, our solutions provide high service quality based on advanced technology, with the backing of highly trained professionals. We help you design and install VoIP, IP PBX, hosted solutions and endpoints.

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