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Vodex is committed to developing long-term relationships with its customers. As a Vodex client, you can be assured that your business goals come first. We offer unbiased, objective consulting, and craft tailored communications and technology plans for your specific needs, and save you time and money.

We Support Your Business Goals


Whether it’s HD voice and video, unified communications, conferencing, Ethernet, dedicated circuits and other connectivity solutions, we will design the right communications and IT plan for your business, including identifying underperforming VoIP installations and offering alternative solutions on the Vodex network.


Vodex understands that the right infrastructure is a business empowerment tool and a key to staying competitive—especially as businesses move to all-IP networks and to mobility-friendly, cloud service models.


From traditional telecom to leading-edge, as-a-service options, technology expertise and experience are at the Vodex foundation. Our solutions address all tiers: small, medium and large businesses, with a dedicated customer service approach for each.


Typically a small business needs a big-business image, giving rise to unique requirements. Whether it’s designing an efficient Auto Attendant, or designing the inbound call configuration so that calls from customers always get answered by a live person, the idea is to make sure that the company’s customers have confidence in its capabilities.

Small Businesses

Mid-sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses are usually not quite large enough to have a full-time communications person, but they have more extensive needs than the small shop. As a result, they tend to pay too much for their services and are often sold more features than they need –increasing their monthly bill.


Vodex can offer an ideal, streamlined communications solution, making use of Vodex’ extensive customer service and dedicated technical team to act as their on-call, in-house telecom and IT guy.


Large Businesses

Vodex also has the background and technical experience to handle the largest organizations—clients include a courthouse with several hundred phone lines and a publicly traded energy company with more than 1,000 employees, to name just two.


We work with the in-house tech team to meet business goals, and configure the telecom and data network with iron-clad reliability.

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